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Mindfulness is a way of being that brings clarity and calm.
It’s good for you and anyone can do it!
However being present in the moment in this way is not always easy and that’s why we’re here, to do it together. We find that maintaining a mindfulness practice is easier and more fun with support. So please get involved, we would love to have you on a course or a live webinar soon and you can follow the guided meditations and watch the video blogs too.

the mindfulness poster

OMindfulness Poster

This chart is a valuable companion to the 8 week Mindfulness courses and is suitable for beginners too. The key themes are explored and illustrated in ways that brings them to life and brings them into your daily life too!
The poster makes a beautiful impact on any wall and will inspire you to practice.
Order your poster here for the price of a smart greetings card! (please hover over the poster for details)



General public, Corporate, Schools

YouTube lessons

Short guided meditations with a theme

online teaching

For individuals or groups

one-day workshops

Extended “Sits” Chilling outside Om by the pool

public speaking

Inspiring talks with a science base

personalised recordings

A guided meditation made just for you or a loved one


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"Your guidance was wonderful. The nurturing atmosphere you created helped us form a community."

Ronald Neely