mindfulness trainer in france

Alison Prideaux MA teaches Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction through a range of courses, residential retreats and online individual sessions. Whether you are able to commit to a programme of regular group sessions, want to immerse for a few days on retreat, or just need some regular support in your own home, Alison can provide guidance and assistance that is right for you.

Alison trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction in London in 2009 with Michael Chaskalson author of The Mindful Workplace and has been teaching since then. In 2018 she completed a 4 year postgraduate diploma at Bangor University in Teaching Mindfulness Based Interventions. She has been a Vipassana meditator since 1998.

Alison is based on the French Riviera where she also works as a busy massage therapist.  In addition to her Mindfulness credentials, Alison has 30 years experience in bodywork, yoga and personal growth.

She has witnessed students derive much personal benefit from their consistent practice finding that Mindfulness can bring an end to recurrent bouts of depression, chronic pain and anxiety. Mindfulness has kept Alison buoyant while dealing with health challenges and thanks to Mindfulness she now no longer suffers from depressive relapse, a lifelong condition. She is very enthusiastic about the effectiveness of this simple technique and is keen to pass on the skill to help others rise above difficulty and live life to the full.

Nigel Ragg from “Seize the Daze” interviews Alison about her work as a Mindfulness consultant and retreat facilitator: