After the 8 week course Celine practices her Meditation in Morocco

After the 8 week course Celine practices her meditation in Morocco, here is the story

mindfulness irregularity in the practice

The irregularity of practice | Guided meditation with Alison Prideaux

A Postgraduate Diploma with Merit! I am happy to announce that the 4 years of study at Bangor University has born fruit and i am thrilled to have received my qualification […]

I was on the hotel lawn at 10pm doing a mindful walking exercise when two Moroccan children and their father started watching me […]

What if we noticed that we are a little attached to how regular our practice SHOULD be and instead simply sat with how it IS? Stops and starts […]

its done hooyaa -guided mindfulness meditation with mindfulness teacher alsion prideaux youtube
no time like the present guided meditation youtube video
a moment in the spring mindfulness guided meditation
I just wanted to share a marker point in my life and show how good it can be to take a mindful pause. 
Do you rush onto the next thing? […]

The house renovations progress and, like facing other challenges in life, things can often seem to get worse before they get better […]

Making Time away from the new house renovation noise out by the water is symbolic of taking time out in a moment of quiet.[…]

mindfulness under pressure, guided meditation

“Welcome to my renovation project! Mindfulness is not about being calm 24 hours per day it is rather about staying present when we are agitated […]

Méditation Guidée La Pleine Conscience Mindfulness en Haute Montagne

Cette semaine Lionel Denche, Guide de haute montagne, Adjoint chef opérationnel et Pompier secouriste, nous explique à quel point son […]

Denis O’Brien likes speed Guided meditation with Alison Prideaux

Meditator, inspirational ski teacher and world cup downhill skier, Denis O’Brien, talks about being in the body mindfully on the […]

More mindfulness for the holidays Guided Meditation with Alison Prideaux

Holidays and special occasions can bring out the grasping mind ! At these times we can get particularly attached to […]

The Mindful Clock Guided Meditation

Every section on the clockface is “Now”  As we learn to rest our attention in the present moment, these slices […]

The 8 Week Mindfulness course Mouans Sartoux Free Intro Session

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for everyone. This is the classic course as taught by the NHS in England and in […]

Are you chasing time by OM Guided Meditation

A few words from Alison Prideaux on our relationship with time and a 10 minute guided mindfulness meditation

Are you listening OMindfulness guided meditation

Guided mindfulness meditation – an opportunity to listen carefully to ourselves,  which is great practice for listening to others so […]

The Mindful Selfie

Keep up a regular meditation practice and life can be one long mindful selfie of being in the present moment. […]

Mindfulness and connecting with our senses OMINDFULNESS

We often start out with an eating meditation in MBSR where the first thing we do is not sort of […]

Quote from Pema Chödrön Guided Meditation welcomes you to a guided meditation and some wise words from buddhist teacher Pema Chödrön.

Love the one you’re with Guided meditation with Alison Prideaux

If you can’t be with the one you love then love the one you’re with. A guided Mindfulness meditation by […]

mindfulness my story alison prideaux

Alison Prideaux Mindfulness Teacher tells her story about the time when she suffered from depression, and how Mindfulness helped her.

Embracing Change

Don’t drive with the brakes on ! Embrace change. 10 min Mindfulness Meditation and guidance on how to be aware […]

Mindfulness in the workplace brings training to corporate groups and individuals to improve efficiency, productivity, happiness and well-being.

OMindfulness and autopilot

It’s the practice that counts. 10 mins guided mindfulness of the breath and a few words to highlight the importance […]

Mindfulness in the workplace

Mindfulness in the Workplace – European Professional Women’s Network presentation. Managing stress in the workplace with Mindfulness A workforce trained […]

Kindness and flourishing with Mindfulness

10 mins of guided Mindfulness of the Breath, followed by a few words on the logic of being kind to […]

Seeing The Bigger Picture with a short guided meditation

Are you living life with tunnel vision? If you are stressed it is likely that your thinking is narrow – […]

A Short Guided Meditation on the Breath and a Few Words on Enough

Let’s open to the life we have refused again and again. This week’s Mindfulness video can be seen here

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