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Boardwalk around forest bathing and mindfulness in the UK

Claire de Boursac MBACP

Psychotherapist, Walk for Health leader, Forest Bathing Guide
Forest Bathing sessions in North London and SE England
Claire runs regular Forest Bathing sessions in North London, in the enchanting Queen’s Wood (Highgate) and on Hampstead Heath.  She also holds occasional sessions in other London spaces and in nature reserves outside the city.  
As a psychotherapist and a Walk for Health leader Claire knows all to well that the stresses and strains of a busy urban life can take its toll on our mental and physical wellbeing.  She believes that in order to thrive in the city, we need to find balance and to care for and nurture ourselves.  Her sessions in nature help us do just that.
Claire’s sessions are gentle and restorative.  She guides ‘bathers’ through some simple activities, carefully designed to help quieten the mind, awaken the senses, soothe the nervous system and create a sense of calm and receptivity.  From this place a deeper sense of connection to self and to the natural world is possible.   As well as relaxation and pleasure, participants often report a deep sense of belonging, acceptance and safety while ‘bathing’.
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Queen’s Wood – London N10 3JP

6.00 – 8.00 pm  Monday 6th August

18.00- 20.00  Monday 3rd September
9.30 – 11.30  Wednesday 12th September
9.30 – 11.30  Wednesday 24th October
9.30 – 11.30  Wednesday 14th November
9.30 – 11.30  Wednesday 5th December


£25 per session
concessions available.
Places are limited, advance booking advised.

What people have said about Forest Bathing sessions with Claire

“I so enjoyed walking through such wild and enchanting woods in the middle of London… I reconnected with parts of myself that everyday stresses had pushed away for far too long.  A massage for the senses, a massage for the soul…”
“Claire’s gentle, calm and holding guidance allowed me to feel safe enough to explore parts of my inner landscape in a very direct and powerful way”
“I left feeling grounded, centred and connected to myself. Having spent so much time in the concrete city with all its demands you have guided us into a nurturing and enriching space in nature”
“A beautifully connecting experience, in so many ways!”
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