Lois “I got my life back”, Reflections on the benefits of an 8 week Mindfulness training with Alison Prideaux at OMindfulness.com. “I really do feel like a completely different person”

Anthony had a breakthrough in week 6

Anthony had a breakthrough in week 6

Carolina  “with Mindfulness tinnitus no longer makes me panic”

Mindfulness practice gives Wendy the impression of having more time and being less reactive to difficult situations

Mindfulness helps sustain yacht crew working long hours on charter

Captain maintains focus  and manages stress with mindfulness

Jaqueline “Maintenant je peut garder mon calme même dans les situations les plus stressantes”

Cécile arrive a gérer les émotions fortes



Foundation 2014-15 Presentations Feedback, Bangor University 

Alison Prideaux

This was a fully embodied, gently-paced presentation reflected in your open presence to yourself and to the group.  You demonstrated a watchful and gentle presence to yourself on a number of occasions when you allowed yourself to feel the emotion attached to what you were saying – this is great teaching.  It was wonderful to ‘see’ how the power of being listened to is now reflected in your practice to self.  Your articulation of ‘listening’ to the body was also evident right from the beginning by pausing and sensing into the body.  It was interesting to hear how greater understanding of the Buddhist background to mindfulness-based approaches has lent a softening (in terms of ‘turning towards’) and legitimacy to your practice. You articulated the more compassionate movement within of turning towards some painful and difficult challenges in your life beautifully.  The simple power of being with what is ‘here, now’ was apparent in how you embodied this approach.  This was, all-told, powerful yet highly sensitive teaching.  You have much to offer in continuing to teach and externalise your practice in this way.  Well done.


Meditation of Friendly Wishes for Penny and Tina ages 7 and 10 yrs

“Thank you the CD arrived in my letterbox!! It was like the fairies had been.

Both girls slept on the same bed listening to the cd.

At first Penny was restless and said ‘ where’s the story’ and wasn’t so good at lying still doing the breathing bit but I massaged her feet and when you mentioned her teddy, the cat and her imaginary friends and the story came out her face lit up and she was asleep by the end.”