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Judith Stewart MBA, MA

Bangor University qualified Mindfulness Teacher, MBA, MA Psychological Coaching

Forest bathing  England 

Judi has been teaching mindfulness since 2015.  She believes that mindfulness is not just something to turn to once a day but a way of living; a way to better connect to ourselves and others.  Outdoor walking supports connecting us to our senses and to what is around us. Nature is such a wonderful teacher and it supports us to be more at ease with the constant change that most of us experience in life.  The wind in our hair, sun at our backs or sound of running water brings us alive to this moment and our minds and bodies respond.   

Judi has been a keen walker for many years and appreciates more vigorous walks as well as shorter strolls in a park or along a river near her home.   She likes to lead different types of walks, so that such activities are open to everyone.  Some walks will not ‘travel’ very far and others are longer and more energetic.   Each walk incorporates time to sit/stand and to walk, and often there is time for some mindful eating and longer periods of contemplation of different habitats. 

Originally from New Zealand, Judi was initially a teacher and then spent several decades in the not-for-profit sector.  She later expanded her interests focusing on coaching and mindfulness.  She is soon to complete a MSc in Mindfulness and gain a Postgraduate Certificate of Competence in Teaching Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).  She recently stood down as Chair of The Mulberry Centre, a charity that supports people affected by cancer, where she now teacher’s mindfulness.  She is currently a Trustee of the Father Thames Trust where she works closely with The Thames Landscape Strategy, a partnership focusing on the understanding, promoting and conservation of the river corridor between Weybridge, Hampton and Kew.

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Forest Bathing Norbury Park, Leatherhead, Surrey,  KT22 9DX


Map reference TQ 158 538

Suitable for young people and adults (aged 12 or over)


Themes, Dates and Length of Walk

Nature and Sounds: Wednesday 5th December  11.00 – 14.00. Approximately 2 miles

Feel the space: Date to be announced 11.00 – 14.00. Approximately 3 miles.

Sight and Touch: Date to be announced 11.00 – 14.00. Approximately 2 miles



We will meet in the carpark. There are two carparks and we will meet in the Fetcham carpark located off the A246 near Leatherhead

Judi will be in the car park to meet you with a sign and a smile.


Walk Description

There is always the opportunity to tailor the length, and pace of the walk, to the needs of the group who attend. Feel free to come along and before each walk we will check the health, wellbeing and mood of the group and adapt accordingly.

The walks will start with some moderate to slow walking and we will move into a slower pace to observe what is around us and inside us. As we open to what is here in the wonderful oasis that nature provides, we may begin to notice not only what is around us but how we are feeling.

The themes of the walks vary. It may seem strange, for example, to focus on sounds as we often walk to get away from the busyness of our lives, including sounds. We would focus on what sounds are arising and fading around us, and maybe even within us. The whole walk is like our breathing, bringing the outside in and then allowing what we no longer need to seep back into the earth to be rejuvenated. Just like oxygen feeds us through the in-breath, so we release what we no longer need on the out-breath.

If the weather is suitable we will stop and sit while we replenish with any food and drink you wish to bring with you. On the three-hour walks we will rest for longer (weather permitting). We will end by walking again and then gathering for a short time to contemplate our time together before we finish. Much of the walk will be in silence, at least from our chatter. There is always the opportunity to talk to me, if there is a need, and we always start and finish our Forest Bathing with an open conversation.

The terrain is along unmade paths, some sandy, some in the woods with roots and stones. There are no steep climbs but some small hills and slopes. There are toilet facilities at the café a short walk from the carpark.


£25 per person

Payable in advance, sorry no refunds.


Please contact me, Judi your host, by email judi@curvecoaching.com / judi@curecoaching.com or by phone or text 07534 508900. I can answer any questions you may have and give you the details of how to pay.

“I very much look forward to meeting you and sharing some time together.”- Judi (Stewart)