After the 8 week course Celine practices her Meditation in Morocco, here is her story

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“I was on the hotel lawn at 10pm doing a mindful walking exercise when two Moroccan children and their father started watching me intrigued from the edge. I felt them watching me and said to myself that I couldn’t focus like that. So I said « You seem surprised, I am doing a kind of yoga, what do you say that you boys come and have a try?» The two youngsters said yes straight away. I did some mindful walking with them for 10 minutes. At the end the youngest boy took a full 2 minutes to open his eyes. They loved it and their mother, who had arrived in the meantime, thanked me. I invited them to join me the next day and they agreed to come. The next morning I came across the mother who greeted me saying that the children had slept very well without watching television and she said that she would like to join us the next time too.

At 10am I went to the meeting place and was surprised to see that they had brought their friends ! I found myself with 7 boys between 7 and 11 years old ( normally a boisterous lot) and the mother. They really got into the mindful walking and had lots to share afterwards, it was a big discovery for them.”


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