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If life is just too busy to stop and smell the roses, then why not take the opportunity on your yacht charter for some mindful “me time” with Alison Prideaux MA.

Alison will introduce you to the fascinating world of Mindfulness which is good for your health, mood and productivity. If you have been meaning to try it, then here is your chance.

  • Learn with an experienced teacher, qualified by Bangor University.
  • Enjoy personalised programmes of meditation and movement.
  • Understand the role of mindfulness in pain reduction and the latest neuroscience behind it.
  • Finally grasp the causes of, and solutions for, low mood.
  • Experience improved relationships with Mindful communication.
  • See how children can enhance and maintain their capacity for focus.

Together we will put together the elements that fit with your needs and vacation.


The Foundation

Morning meditation on a daily basis gets us into good habits. We enjoy a guided meditation and then discuss the theme of the day.

There is time for reflection and journaling, the content of which can be shared the following morning.


Additional Elements

Mindful Movement tai chi-style and yoga-style.

Longer sitting meditations on the breath, body, sounds and thoughts.

Longer body scan meditations.

Mindful swimming.

Mindful dancing.

Mindful eating.

Study of Compassionate Living for experienced practitioners.

Workshop sessions

How Mindfulness rewires the brain.

How Mindfulness boosts the parasympathetic nervous system.

The negativity bias.

Why hospitals teach mindfulness for anxiety and depression.

Mindfulness and epigenetics.


Sessions For Children

Some youngsters like to participate in adult lessons and can often surpass their parents in being able to “be here now”! However for separate lessons they are grouped 7 to 12 yr olds and 12 to 16 year olds.

These sessions are quicker in pace and fairly active with exercises adapted for the younger audience. It is very important that children participate by choice. Just like us, after gentle encouragement, they are only open when the time is right.

About Alison Prideaux MA

Since 2009 Alison has been teaching Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction to laypeople, corporate groups, cancer survivors and schools. She trained with Michael Chaskalson, author of The Mindful Workplace, and for 4 years at Bangor University for a Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Mindfulness Based Interventions which she passed with merit. Bangor University, in Wales, is one of the few internationally recognised centres of excellence for Mindfulness.

Alison is qualified to teach the Mindfulness in Schools Project curricula and has taught at CIV, Ebeca and Mougins Schools.

Meditation is part of her life and she follows the good practice guidelines. Alison is enthusiastic about the effectiveness of Mindfulness and the many benefits which can be gained through regular practice.

Alison also holds a BSc in Environmental Science and an MA in Landscape Architecture from Sheffield University.

She has worked as a national park dive guide in the Galapagos Islands, a yacht crew in the Caribbean, an Environmental Planner in Boston, a Landscape Architect in London and a busy massage therapist running Mindfulness and detox retreats in Cannes.

Alison is British and has lived and worked in France since 1995, she speaks fluent English and French and some Spanish and German. She enjoys hiking, yoga, salsa, swimming, skiing and meditating of course!

Mindfulness Fees

€550 per day plus travel expenses.

Travel days are charged at €250.

Other Wellbeing Services

Deep Sports Style Massage €110 per hour

Natural Facelift Massage €90 per hour

Theragem Lights for cleansing and relaxation €90 per hour

I look forward to hearing from you and to studying Mindfulness together.

Best wishes Alison




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