8 Wk mindfulness course (in person)

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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

  • This is the classic course as taught by the NHS in England and in the Hôpital Princesse Grace Monaco.
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction with some extra cognitive work included.


Free Introductory Session, everyone welcome, tell your friends !
In the 8 week course we will meet once a week to practice mindfulness techniques, study the workings of the mind and share our experiences.
We will be sitting, walking, lying down and moving gently.
There will be some written exercises and discussion as well as times of silence and meditation.
This is Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction with some cognitive work as well.
During the course 30-45 mins of daily practice at home is recommended to ensure that a firm foundation of mindfulness is established.
Missing one lesson will not impact badly on your experience as long as you continue to meditate with your recordings during the time away from the group.
Past course participants have said:
I’m going to do it again because I think there can be no such thing as too much mindfulness!  
Antonia, Medical writer’s a good year now since I started mine ( Mindfulness course)….

.. and since then I’ve clocked up at least 130 hours of mindfulness meditation, taking a conservative average of 20 minutes a day… it’s very much part of my life now, wish I’d known about it years ago.

Anna, Teacher
I let slip for a while and when my blood pressure went up and I started becoming anxious I knew why.  Two weeks of daily mindfulness body scans and I am back to normal.  Thanks to you!

Deborah, Retired

All the very best to you and thank you once again for your compassion, kindness and inspirational guidance.

Shelley, Translator

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Group, Private

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8 week

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  1. 3 out of 5

    This online course uses precisely the same course curriculum and resources that I used in my local in-person course, and if you follow the suggestions and practices for each of the eight weeks of the course, the learning can be just as deep and profound.

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