Alison Prideaux presenting Mindfulness in the workplace to the European professional women's network Nice

Is it time for you to get Mindful at work?

Mindfulness practice may seem like something that you need to do in a quiet room when you have no other distractions, but recent studies have shown that actually taking time to do mindfulness meditation while at work can help concentration and productivity.  Some of the largest corporations such as Google, the NHS and Transport for London have fully embraced this concept, with Google leading the way and employing a Mindfulness ‘guru’ to ensure that the principles are incorporated into the very heart of the company.

However, you don’t need to be a multi-million euro business to take this step and reap the benefits of reduced absenteeism, plus increased productivity, communication and creativity.  Any organisation can offer an 8 week MBSR course to their staff, with sessions being held at an agreed time each week.  The Mindfulness training is adapted to accommodate a busy work schedule with group lessons of only 1 hour 15 mins and home practice of just 25 minutes, as studies show that corporate participants still master the capacity to be in the now with shorter practice periods.

Case Studies: Helen Baldwin, Director of Scinopsis Medical Writers set up a course for her colleagues (she never calls them employees or staff!). Here is what she had to say about the experience: “Mindfulness training has been a key part of my personal development programme.  I find with regular meditation I am more centred, happier and better able to focus and deal with difficulties creatively. I work with 12 fabulous women and I wanted them to have the opportunity to study Mindfulness for their own benefit and to help them manage what is often a high-stress job with tight deadlines.  Those who attended the course reported marked improvement in their work and home life. The feedback included reports of being able to cope with pressure serenely and see solutions instead of experiencing anxiety.  One person said that they were able to focus on the breath for 3 minutes when stressed and emerge ready to take on the task.  Time became less pressured and it was noted that being mindful helped colleagues to be calmer too.”

The Mindfulness corporate course was also taught to medical and admin staff at the Tzank cancer clinic in Mougins France.

If you feel that your company and colleagues could benefit from an MBSR course then please email Alison and she can arrange to visit to discuss requirements and provide a quote.