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Guided meditation on retreat by the river

Mindfulness sessions on line are a great way to study, it is convenient and surprisingly intimate.

Imagine you have booked to study with a mindfulness group at the yoga centre or the gym down the road and you turn up every week to take your class.  Well, this is just the same except that it isn’t the yoga centre
or gym, it’s via  Zoom ( a bit like skype) and you don’t have to drive, or park or even put on your coat!

The course content is very similar to the one-to-one course. For the group course we meet for 10 weekly lessons which are 2 hours long and the week 6 workshop is 5 hours.

Signing up for the group means you will be there live to participate and share.  In this way members experience mutual support and learn from each other’s observations.

The cost for the group course is €425 payable in advance, or €350 early bird rate until 2 weeks before the course starts

The principles of Mindfulness are not complex, it is easy to grasp but often hard to sustain the regular practice that is necessary for the full benefits to evolve.  It is for this reason that I do not record the lessons for later viewing by those who miss a lesson. I have found that this only leads to a fall-off in practice, and once this happens it is hard for participants to get back on track. I really want you to have the best chance of connecting with mindfulness, hence the no-recording decision.

The key to success is commitment. Jon Kabat-Zinn said “Meditate as if your life depended on it…. because it probably does”

10 week On-line Course via Zoom

7h – 9h New York time

13h – 15h London time

14h – 16h Paris time

There will be a free introductory session to check out the zoom platform. It’s free and straightforward, a bit like skype: a link to click, followed by a quick download. I will talk each person through it individually when we have our first private chat by phone.

The course materials will be sent by email and the meditation recordings will be available here on the website. I will have a telephone conversation with each participant before the first lesson to make sure this is the right thing for them at the right time.

Dates to be announced, usually Mondays.

Free introductory session 3 weeks before the course starts

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 2 repeat

Lesson 3

Lesson 3 repeat

Lesson 4

Lesson 5

Lesson 6

5 hour Workshop usually on a Sunday from 13 to 18h London time

Lesson 7

Lesson 8

I have chosen to offer lessons 2 and 3 twice for a couple of reasons. Course feedback has highlighted the fact that the teaching progresses quite quickly and some students need more time to grasp the foundation practices before progressing to more subtle teachings. I decided, therefore, to give more time to the earlier part of the course, allowing participants to develop tranquility and concentration; necessary prerequisites for later work on insight and cognition. It means also that if you do need to skip a lesson you will not be left behind as long as you maintain your personal meditation practice. The repeat lessons will not be identical and I encourage everyone to attend all sessions.

To book your place on one of the live on-line courses send me an email to