Alison teaches the 8 week course MBSR, Mindfulness Bases Stress Reduction, on-line to individuals committed to studying on their own.

How is it structured? We meet on-line by Skype or Google Hangouts for 1 hour every week for 7 weeks, and then in the 8th week we meet for a final 4 hour workshop. There is a free pre-course check-in to make sure the course is right for you and to test the internet connection.

How are the lessons taught? Alison teaches different aspects of Mindfulness each week covering subjects like “what is automatic pilot?” and “identifying our stress indicators”. She guides a relevant meditation and we discuss what you observe during the exercise.  You will receive a download for each lesson which includes background information on the day’s lesson and an outline of your home study. You will be required to dedicate around 45 minutes per day to meditation and written exercises 6 days per week.  Without this intensive practice Mindfulness remains interesting in theory but nothing changes in our lives and hearts. In other words, we have to practice! Each session builds on the last and there is a logical sequence to the training.

The final 4 hour workshop. This lesson is designed to recap over all the practices we have covered during our 8 weeks together.  We meet for a preliminary chat and then you follow 2 hours of recorded guidance, we come back on-line to share a mindful refreshment and to finish with 2 hours of exercises and reflection to prepare the participant to continue alone and keep up regular Mindfulness practice.  Can I take a break? The short answer is “no!” In order for the brain to change shape in a positive direction we have to keep up a regular daily practice, like learning a language, an intensive or immersive approach works best.  I love sharing this work with people who engage fully and make the effort to give it their full attention.  If it is not a good time for you then it is wise to wait until you feel you can attend all 8 sessions in a row and commit to the home practice, so that you can get the full benefit of the course. Don’t worry though, perfection is not required!

How much does it cost? The 8 week on-line course costs €660 and includes all recorded and downloadable written materials. This fee is payable in advance. Graduates are welcome to join our monthly group lesson on-line and thus receive ongoing support to stay on track with their formal practice and deepen their experience of living a mindful life. There is a €10 per month fee for this.