Mindfulness of breathing

If you have always wanted to meditate and don’t know how, or can’t maintain a regular practice alone then a personal programme will teach you the techniques, help you get over blocks and keep you on track while you establish good habits. Once your practice is on a firm footing then you may only need an occasional session as a brush up. If there isn’t a group 8 week course that suits you in your areas then here is the chance to learn on a one-to-one basis.


The 8 week course

One hour lessons are delivered either weekly or fortnightly, we cover the same curriculum as the group course and committed home practice is necessary throughout. Payment is in advance and with this level of engagement and with regular practice and accountability participants find that they really do develop the habit of daily meditation, moment by moment awareness and the skill to love ( that is a typo but I left it in) a mindful life. Embarking on a course is a significant step and should be taken when there is a fairly routine life ahead for a couple of months, we set ourselves up for success by choosing the propitious moment to study.

Private sessions of 30 to 60 minutes are also an ideal way to maintain or deepen an existing practice, don’t let your mindfulness slip for want of a little friendly support.


Home Visit on the French Riviera for One or Two People

One hour teaching and meditation – 80€

90 minutes home visit -120€

       8 week course taught privately, 880€

On Line by Skype or Zoom

45 minutes teaching / meditation – 45€

60 minutes teaching / meditation – 60€

8 week course taught privately, ON line  660€

It is easy to book in advance and pay by Paypal.