The Irregularity of Practice | Guided Mindfulness Meditation

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“If you are a sporadic meditator you are not alone! What if we noticed that we are a little attached to how regular our practice SHOULD be and instead simply sat with how it IS? Stops and starts, promises to practice, the whole thing. Allowing for the flux and change and doing some “imperfect” practice anyway until one day we realise that Mindfulness has become a consistent part of our lives. Until we have a tooth and abscess removed! Then it’s time for extra kindness.”

Do join me on June 22nd for a Mindful Walk called Forest Bathing in Surrey at Okham and Chatley Heath, Wildlife Trust Site.

One thought on “The Irregularity of Practice | Guided Mindfulness Meditation

  1. Great – loved it Alison ! I had a very similar experience in feb when i wasn’t well and was trying to practice when it was really time to take a break. Took me a good week to realise that I needed to step back from feeling obliged to practice.
    Hope you are well. I meant to get in touch to say hi after TTR2 and also to find out more about ‘forest bathing’ . I’m doing a mindfulness in the outdoors weekend in October ! kindest regards, Martin

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